Simultaneous Interpretation system
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  Simultaneous Interpretation system

  One of the biggest problems that any conference can face is the language barrier and the only way to break it is by using

  Simultaneous Interpretation Systems. We take pride in our Simultaneous Interpretation Systems from SINGDEN,

  because 1. they are stable and safety, same design with BOSCH 2. they can support up to 16 languages and 3. they

  are fully accredited and compliant with the EU’s standards and regulations.

  Our Simultaneous Interpretation Systems supported more than 100 conferences during the Tajikistan Presidency with

  great success. Moreover, they have been used with our ISO-4043 Interpreters Booths, supporting numerous events in

  Tajikistan, Korea, Kuwait, Mozambique, Congo, Italy, Greece, and UK.

  Our IR (InfraRed) Receivers allow your delegates to follow all the proceedings in their own languages. With comfortable

  headsets and greater intelligibility provided by superior audio quality, delegates can maintain concentration more easily

  throughout long interpreting sessions. It’s just part of our complete range of interpretation equipment.

  Moreover, being an Interpreter is the world’s 3rd most stressful job. It comes right after brain sergeants and air fighter

  pilots. ISO 4043:1998 (Mobile booths for simultaneous interpretation) with its many specifications ensures that

  interpreters will be able to work in the best possible environment, allowing them to concentrate on one thing only,

  translating for the delegates. All of our Interpreters' Booths comply with the latest version of ISO 4043

  (Mobile booths for simultaneous interpretation).

  A more simple way of interpreting for small groups is our Tour Guide System. The Tour Guide System is an easy-to-use wireless radio communication system designed specifically for tour groups, factory tours, outdoor excursions,

  employee training, language interpretation, conferences and trade shows to provide superior tours using wireless

  technology. Guides speak to their entire group as if the group was an arm’s length away – communicating over

  distances as far as 100 meters in an open area. The Tour Guide system is suitable for indoor

  and outdoor use and it has already supported events with simultaneous interpretation (up to 5+1 different languages)

  in Sofia (Bulgaria), Kazan (Russia), Moscow (Russia), London (UK), etc.

  SINGDEN's team can always assist you and enlighten you about all its equipment and services!

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