wireless conference system
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  wireless conference system

  (SINGDEN2.4G wireless conference system--SM913)

  In recent years, variety of wireless conferencing products adopt wireless technologies has been introduced

  constantly, in addition to traditional UHF analog wireless transmission technology, more powerful, better

  performance, higher technological level of all-digital wireless technology has been applied. The products using

  these technologies are favored by the market as their no wiring, easy to use features. The so-called wireless

  conference systems is relative to traditional wired conferencing system, is a new development

  and mature into a new conference system, according to the different uses of wireless technology, wireless

  conference system is now the mainstream of three ways:

  1. Infrared wireless conference system Representative brand, TAIDEN

  2. 2.4G wireless conference system Representative brand, BOSCH

  3. UHF wireless conference system No well-known brand

  Major advantages and disadvantages of these types wireless conference system

  1. Infrared wireless conference system


  High secrecy performance, strong anti-jamming, interference sources 100% visibility


  Short transmission distance, normal linear distance about 10M; poor penetrability; install multiple

  transceivers on the conference room ceiling, (usually 4-6 microphones with a transceiver), the meeting is

  not suitable for mobile use, the sound performance not

  bad and the microphone power consumption is big.


  General for the airport and other places which demanding radio frequency rigorous.

  (SINGDEN2.4G wireless conference system--SM913)

  (SINGDEN2.4G wireless conference system--SM613)

  2. 2.4 G Wireless Conference Systems


  Fully digital transmission mode; high-level secrecy performance; 2.4G frequency is international common

  frequency, use without any controls;

  install only 1 transceiver that can guarantee transmission distance max. 40M; less susceptible to

  interference; easy to install; good sound performance; small microphone power consumption; in the reason

  of using pure digital architecture, can realize vote, video tracking and other function, is the mainstream wireless

  conferencing; basic sources of interference visible and predictable.


  Because it is a common band, will have some interference from 2.4G frequency products such as WIFI; ask

  the antenna transceiver and microphone in the same room.


  All kinds of secrecy required meeting place, especially for the conference need to move, such as star hotels

  (SINGDEN UHF wireless conference system SU2430)

  3. UHF wireless conference system


  Analog transmission ensures long transmission distance, max. 100M; reliable and stable suing; no need put

  the antenna in the same room with microphone; good sound performance; small microphone power consumption;

  easy installation; low cost.


  Bad secrecy performance, use a certain frequency around 800MHZ, its regulation in each country is different;

  system control channel normally use 433MHZ, it is the intercom channel susceptible to interference; interference

  sources invisible and unpredictable, when use number systems then each microphone will produce some mutual

  interference, resulting in system instability


  Mobile conference no need secrecy, systems and microphones under 10 units.


  some of SINGDEN wireless conference system project case: